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Community Policing Philosophy:
The aim of Community Policing is to put officers back in the pulse of the community, to effectively work toward community betterment and increase the quality of the life in the City of Freeport.

Community Policing - Bike PatrolBicycle/Foot Patrol:
The aim of both bike and foot patrolling is to get officers out of the car and into the neighborhood dealing directly with citizens for neighborhood betterment and increased quality of life for residents. The use of bike and foot patrol allows officers more freedom of movement to achieve these goals.

Bicycle Club:
Started in the fall of 1999, the Bike Club and Wheels For Winners helps kids do positive things with their bicycles. Bicycle care and maintenance, safety and effective cycling, and bike mechanics are taught during this 7 week program, meeting twice a week. Kids do not need to have their own bikes when they enter the program. After completing the program, kids are eligible to go on educational, trail riding, and camping trips under officer supervision. Past camping trips have been taken to the Mississippi Palisades and Chicago Lake Front and Bike Trail trips around Wisconsin and Illinois.

(Kids and Police Serving): As a youth run organization, the K.A.P.S program combats crime in Freeport. Youth wanting to take part need to attend a monthly meeting. In the past, K.A.P.S participants have hosted a forum with Police Department administration regarding K.A.P.S and how to bridge the gap between Freeport youth and the Police Department. They have participated in clean-up efforts around the City, and purchased a bike trailer for Wheels For Winners. K.A.P.S youth representatives and coordinators attend a yearly conference.

Community Policing Sub-Station:
The Community Police Substation, location at 709 South Liberty opened in September of 2000. The Liberty sub-station has undergone considerable remodeling in order for the building to be operational.

CRIME-FREE Housing Training:
CRIME-FREE Training is geared towards landlords and is put on through an independent group hired through the City of Freeport. The aim is to educate the landlords on what are criminal violations of law that the police can handle and what are civil violations of law that the courts can assist landlords with. An effective screening method for tenants is emphasized as well as the importance of a good "air-tight" lease.

Neighborhood Watch Program:
The traditional Neighborhood Watch Program in Freeport is supplemented by Community Policing's existence. The goal of Neighborhood Watch is to help citizens become self-sufficient so they aren't living in fear of crime in their neighborhood.

For more information on any of the above information please contact Community Police at 815-235-8222.


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