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Parking Tickets

Parking tickets are issued by the Police and/or Civilian Service Officer. Fines are based on the type of violation and increase in amount if they are not paid within 5 days.

To pay a parking ticket:

In person:
Visit the Records Department in the Police Department at 320 W. Exchange Street. We accept cash, check, or money orders.

You may also drop the ticket with payment enclosed in the drop box in front of the Police Department or in the lobby drop box.

By mail:
Send a check or money order enclosed in the ticket envelope to 320 W. Exchange Street, Freeport, IL 61032.

See below for a listing of parking violations, associated ordinances, and fines.

$10.00 Fine if paid in 5 days; $20.00 after 5 days
Ordinance Description
Double parked
480.22 15 minutes
480.03 (a) Sidewalk
480.03 (c) Intersection
480.03 (c) On crosswalk
480.03 (b)
480.03 (c) End zone
480.03 (e) Too close to stop sign
480.03 (g) Too close to R.R. tracks
480.03 (p) Official signs prohibit
484.06 Parking for Officials
484.02 Loading zone
482.05 Backed into parking space in off street lot
480.01 Improperly parked
480.03 (b) In alley
480.03 (r)
Traffic lane
480.20 2 hour timed, on street
480.26 Unregistered/expired registration
482.07 (c) 3 hour off-street lot, timed
$20.00 Fine if paid in 5 days; $40.00 after 5 days
Ordinance Description
480.04 24 hour
480.03 (o) Wrong side of street
480.03 (a) Keys in switch
480.03 (j) On bridge
480.03 (s) Fire zone
486.03 Winter Parking
480.03 (v) Blocking school entrance
$50.00 Fine if paid in 5 days; $100.00 after 5 days
Ordinance Description
480.03 (e) Too close to fire hydrant
$100.00 Fine
Ordinance Description
482.08 Commercial Motor Vehicle in Municipal Lot
$250.00 Fine  
482.08 Handicapped Parking



  • Parking on the curb or on a driveway that blocks a sidewalk is a $10.00 parking violation.
  • Parking in the same spot on the street for 24 hours or more is a $20.00 parking violation.
  • Parking on the wrong side of the street is a $20.00 parking violation.
  • Parking to close to a fire hydrant is a $50.00 parking violation.

If you have any questions about a ticket or wish to contest a ticket please call (815) 235-8229.


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