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School Resource Officer

The School Resource Officer (SRO) program, which was established in the late 1950's in Flint, Michigan, began as a program to improve relationships between local police and youth. Now the program is a nationally accepted program that has expanded in many different directions.

The goal of the SRO program is still to improve relationships with youth, but it is also a program that helps create and encourage desirable behavior on the part of our youth in this community, helps to promote a safe environment in and around the school and to exchange wholesome communications and ideas between students, parents, faculty, and police.

The Freeport Police Department has an active SRO program at the Freeport Jr. High School as well as the Freeport High School for five consecutive school years. The SRO program is a collaborative program with the Police Department and with Freeport School District #145.

The SRO participated in a 40-hour certified course as well as a 20 hour advanced course. The courses emphasized three main areas: functioning as a police officer in a school setting, working as a resource and problem solver, and the developing of teaching skills. The course helped the officer gain a working knowledge of the SRO program and how to establish a lasting partnership with the schools.

The primary mission of the SRO is to provide a visible and positive image for law enforcement among students. They provide confidential counseling to students concerning the problems kids face, helping students make positive choices in their lives and teach students to become critical thinkers, problem solvers and effective communicators. They strive to maintain a school environment that is safe and secure for students to learn and educators to teach.

The presence of the SRO demonstrates the commitment to safety and the willingness to go beyond the traditional role of the police by the Freeport Police Department.


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