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(2) Land Bank Properties for Sale: 857 E. Shawnee & 603 W. Pleasant

Due Date: 10/12/2020 | (2) Land Bank Properties for Sale | Bid Status: CLOSED |

The Northern Illinois Land Bank has acquired two abandoned and vacant properties within Freeport City Limits, 857 E Shawnee and 603 W Pleasant Street, for sale to a responsible property owner. The purchaser is fully vetted to ensure they are qualified to complete the scope of required rehab work to meet the priorities for the property.

The bidding period ends Monday, October 12. There is no minimum bid for Land Bank properties, but purchase price will be highly considered when selecting the winning applicant. Applicants will fill out one application with their best offer for the property. Bid amounts will not be shared with applicants until a winning bidder is selected.

Applications to purchase Land Bank properties will be reviewed in their entirety, with a focus on purchase price, rehab capability and history, end use, etc.

The property is not available for interior inspection.

Access the bid applications for each property here:


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