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City Hall is located at 314 W. Stephenson, Freeport, IL 61032


The following forms are available in PDF format or Microsoft Word documents. Return completed forms to the appropriate department or follow the instructions on the form.


City Clerk Forms - Return to 314 W. Stephenson Street,Suite 200, Freeport IL 61032. Any questions, please call 815-235-8203.

Document Type Document
AMUSEMENTS ONLY - Mechanical and Electronic Games and Devices Application (Video Gaming - Below with Liquor Applications)
  Dangerous Dog Registration
Dog Litter Registration Application
Freedom of Information Act Request Form - City Hall
General License Application - Auctioneer, Dance Halls, Second Hand Stores, Junk Dealers, Transient Merchant, etc.
  LIQUOR: For new applicants: Complete the ILCC State license application "link" and submit to the City Clerk along with the "Liquor License Application - Freeport" and applicable Supplemental Licenses (below)
Liquor License Application - Freeport
  Liquor & Gaming Devices Fee Schedule
  Liquor - Supplemental License Application - Packages Sales
  Liquor - Supplemental License Application - Video Gaming
  LIquor - Supplemental License Application - Outdoor Sales
Liquor License Background Check (submit to Police Department)
Self-Service Gas Station License Application
Special Event Permit - block parties, parades, etc.
  Taxi Vehicle Application
  Taxi Driver Application
Temporary Liquor License Application
Tobacco Dealer License Application
Transient Merchant License Application


Community Development Department - including Building Forms -
Return to: 314 W. Stephenson Street, Suite 100, Freeport IL 61032
Any questions, please call 815-235-8202.

Document Type Document
Building Permit Application
  Contractor License Application and letter
  Facade Improvement Grant Program Application Packet 2018
Fence Permit Application Fences - Frequently Asked Questions
   PDF    PDF
  Outdoor Sidewalk Cafe Application Outdoor Sidewalk Cafe Requirements
  Parklet Application Form 2018 Parklet Indemnification Agreement
  Pool Permit Application                                  Pool Ordinance                
Rental Property Regulation Checklist and Crime Free Lease Addendum (amended 03/03/2014)
  Rental Property Registration
  Tenant Inspection Request Form
Roofing Permit Application
Sign Permit Application
  Special Use Permit Application
  Workers' Compensation - Affidavit of Exemption
Zoning Amendment Application


Finance Department Forms - Return to 314 W. Stephenson Street, Suite 100, Freeport IL 61032. Any questions, please call 815-599-5816.

Document Type Document
  Employee Direct Deposit Agreement Form
  Certificate of Registration for a Food and Beverage Establishment in the City of Freeport (see also tax returns)
  Food and Beverage Tax Return for 2018 - view link to 2017
  Hotel Motel Tax Return for 2018 - view link to 2017
  Motor Fuel Tax Return for 2018 - view link to 2017
Property Tax Transfer - Return to Finance Department
  W-9 Form from City of Freeport


Fire Department Forms - Return to Central Fire Station, 1650 S. Walnut Avenue, Freeport IL 61032. Any questions, please call 815-235-8217.

Document Type Document
Citizens Fire Academy Application
Freedom of Information Act Request Form - Fire Dept.


Human Resources Forms - Return to 314 W. Stephenson Street, Freeport IL 61032. Any questions, please call 815-235-2065

Document Type Document
  Application for Employment - other than Police Department
Employee Direct Deposit Agreement Form


Police Department Forms - Return to 320 W. Exchange St. Freeport IL 61032. Any questions, please call 815-235-8222

Document Type Document
  Civilian Application for Employment
Auxiliary Police Membership Application
Citizens Complaint of Suspected Drug Activity
Civilian Police Academy Application
Complaint Form (BFPC Complaint Form)
Do The Right Thing Nomination Form
Freedom of Information Act Request - Police Department
  Illinois Premise Alert Program Enrollment Form
Junior Police Academy Application
  Liquor License Background Check
Solicitation Registration


Public Works Department - Return to Street Department, 1001 N. Island Ave., Freeport, IL 61032. Any questions, please call 815-235-8210

Document Type Document
Curb Cut Permission Form
City Owned Tree Removal Request
Sidewalk Program - Overview with Forms
Street Light Petition


Office of the Mayor - Return to City Hall, Attn: Mayor Miller, 314 W. Stephenson St., Freeport, IL 61032. Any questions, please call 815-235-8208

Document Type Document
  Boards & Commissions Application
Proclamation Request



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Freeport City Hall
314 W. Stephenson St.
Freeport, IL 61032
Phone: 815-235-8200 or 815-235-8203