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Ground Breaking at Water Treatment Facility


City Council, Mayor Jodi Miller, Winter Construction, and Fehr Graham broke ground on Freeport’s new water treatment facility on October 15. This highly anticipated water facility has been in development since 2017 and is slated to provide two thirds of the City’s daily water needs. It is part of the City’s $12.8million well and water treatment project to upgrade its antiquated water system built in the 1880s. The project is funded through Illinois Environmental Protection Agency loans.

Fehr Graham led the design and engineering of this project. In August, Winter Construction began its first phases in the construction of this facility.

City of Freeport’s Public Works Director, Rob Boyer, stated, “This facility will increase City water quality and lower long-term operating costs. The plant should serve the City of Freeport for more than 80 years.”

Construction is due to be completed no later than 2023.

Mayor Jodi Miller thanked Fehr Graham and Winter Construction for being integral businesses to Freeport’s economy and the construction of the water treatment facility. Mayor Miller furthered, “This new facility is part of the ongoing process in making Freeport a great place to live, work, and play.”

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