Report Long/Tall Grass with TextMyGov

A reminder that during the summer season (or anytime of year), code violations for properties with excessively long grass can be reported to the City of Freeport via the iWorQ app or TextMyGov.

To report a code violation using the City of Freeport’s TextMyGov platform, for excessively long grass, begin by texting Long Grass to 815.240.2169.

A reply to your text message will ask for the nearest address to the excessively long grass you have observed, please respond with your best attempt at the address in question.

A second reply will ask if you would like to upload a photo of the excessively long grass, reply None if you would not like to submit a photo.

You will receive a final reply text message thanking you for reporting the possible violation and providing you with your request number.


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