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Water Bill Payment Options

  1. Do nothing and you will continue to receive a paper bill.
  2. View and/or pay my bill online (3% fee per transaction).
  3. For Auto Pay by Checking or Savings Account with NO FEE contact the Water/Sewer Billing Office at 815.233.0111.
    • Complete this form and return it to the Water/Sewer Billing Office. This form will authorize the City to deduct the amount by the due date. Please allow 30 days for processing.
  4. Pay my bill with a phone call to 1.866.337.0339 (3% fee per transaction).

Pay Other Licenses and Taxes
      Municipal Online Payments Site

  1. Click on the link above to be taken to the payment portal.
  2. Click on license or tax category for which you are making payment
    1. If you are paying for more than one different license or tax, they each will need to be a separate transaction.
  3. Fill out the form fields and payment fields.
    1. There is a 3% processing fee per transaction.
  4. Any questions call 815-599-5816.
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