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Public Works

Freeport Street Department

Director of Public Works
Rob Boyer

The Public Works Department is responsible for:

  • Street
  • Forestry
  • Vehicle and Equipment Maintenance
  • Leaf Collection Program
  • Cemetery
  • Animal Control

The Street Division maintains:

  • 210+ miles of roadway including: pothole patching, plowing, paint striping, sweeping, and leaf removal
  • All traffic signal maintenance including repairs, painting, and bulb changing
  • 4,461 street signs (stop, yield, no parking, etc)
  • 1932+ storm inlets
  • 9+ miles of alley
  • 12 city parking lots
  • 43,700 sf of storage and equipment buildings
  • Clean up orders (trash, brush, etc)

There are 8 employees in this division. They plow snow as needed

The Forestry Division maintains:

  • 6,300 trees including trimming and removal
  • Stump removal
  • Sidewalk removal (both around stumps and sidewalk program)
  • Banners across Stephenson street
  • 150 American flags displayed on Holidays and special occasions
  • 80 Christmas trees
  • 3 NOEL decorations
  • All downtown banners
  • Clean up orders (trash, brush, etc)

There are two employees in this division. They plow snow as needed.

The Vehicle and Equipment Division maintains:

  • 85+ Street, Forestry, and Animal Control vehicles
  • 27+ Police department vehicles
  • 5 vehicles used for public works, building inspection, nuisance department
  • All smaller misc. equipment (cement saws, lawn mowers, weed whips, etc.)

There are two employees in this division. They plow as needed.

The Cemetery Division maintains:

  • 25 acres of grounds located between Lincoln and American.
  • 30,000+ headstones to weed whip around
  • 40 graves per year to open and close
  • 2.5 miles of roadway
  • 1 mile of fence line to trim
  • 5 mausoleums

This division has one full time employee and summer help when necessary. This employee plows snow as needed.

Animal Control Officer duties include:

  • Answering calls to pick up stray or biting animals
  • Delivering such animals to the appropriate facility
  • Issuing violations according to city ordinances and state statutes

To notify the City about a stray/missing animal or to file a complaint relating to animals, please call 815.235.8210.



City Hall Building
314 W. Stephenson St.
Suite 010
Freeport, IL 61032

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