City Hall Building

314 W. Stephenson
Freeport, IL 61032

Phone: 815-235-8200 or 815-235-8203


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Who should I call? Department/Organization Area Code 815
Abandoned Cars Freeport Police 815-235-8222
Address (new) Public Works 815-801-8006
Ambulance Inquiries Fire Department 815-235-8217
Animal Control – Freeport City Limits only Street Department – Animal Control Officer 815-235-8210
Annual Financial Reports Finance Department 815-297-1300
Animal Control
Outside City Limits
Stephenson County
Animal Control
Birth Certificates & Marriage Licenses Stephenson County Clerk & Records 815-235-8289
Budget Finance Department 815-297-1300
Building Inspections Building Inspector 815-235-8202
Burning Trash Freeport Fire Department 815-235-8217
City Cemetery Public Works 815-235-8210 815-821-9206
Certificates (birth, death) Stephenson County Clerk 815-235-8289
Code Enforcement Code Enforcement Supervisor 815-235-8202
Concerns/Questions Mayor’s Office 815-235-8200
Concerns/Questions City Manager Office 815-235-8206
Court Dates Stephenson Co. Circuit Clerk 815-235-8266
Curbs, gutters, sidewalks Public Works/Street Dept 815-235-8210
Department Complaints City Manager Office 815-235-8206
Dog Pound Street Department 815-235-8210
Economic Development Community & Economic Development Director 815-235-8221
Economic Development Greater Freeport Partnership Partnership website
Electrical Inspections Building Inspector 815.235.8202
Emergency Mgmt. Services Stephenson County 815-235-8255
Employment Opportunities Human Resources 815-235-2065
Food & Beverage Tax Finance Department 815-297-1300
Garbage Collection Moring Disposal, Inc. or
Gill’s Freeport Disposal Inc.
Grass and Weeds (Includes tall Grass) Nuisance Inspector 815.801.2249
Handicap Ramps Public Works 815-235-8210
Hazardous Materials Fire Department 815-235-8217
Health Department Stephenson Co. Health Dept. 815-235-8271
Hotel and Motel Tax Finance Department 815-297-1300
Housing (low income/elderly) Freeport Housing Authority 815-232-4171
Inspections electrical, plumbing, etc. Building Inspector 815-235-8202
Landscape Waste Moring Disposal, Inc. or
Gill’s Freeport Disposal Inc.
Landfill Transfer Station 815-233-0742
Library Freeport Public Library 815-233-3000
Liquor Licenses City Clerk 815-235-8203
Litter & Garbage Concerns Nuisance Inspector 815.801.2249
Marriage Licenses Stephenson County Clerk 815-235-8289
Mosquito Problems Mosquito Abatement District 800-942-2555
Motor Fuel Tax City Engineer 815-297-1166
Noise Violations Freeport Police Dept. 815-235-8222
Nuisance Inspector for Ordinance Violations (violations not concerning police department) Nuisance Inspector 815- 801-2249
Park Maintenance Freeport Park District 815-235-6114
Parking Tickets Freeport Police Department 815-235-8222
Permits buildings / construction Community & Economic Development Department 815-235-8202
Permits (Special Event such as street closure) City Clerk 815-235-8203
Plumbing Inspections Building Inspector 815-235-8202
Property Assessments Freeport Township Township Assessor 815-232-6131
Property Assessments Stephenson Co. County Assessor 815-235-8260
Property Tax Bills Stephenson Co. Treasurer 815-235-8264
Property Tax Challenge Procedures Stephenson County Supervisor of Assessment 815-235-8264
Property Transfer Tax Finance Department 815-297-1300
Recycling Information Moring Disposal, Inc. or
Gill’s Freeport Disposal Inc.
Refuse Collection Moring Disposal, Inc. or
Gill’s Freeport Disposal Inc.
Right-of-Way Public Works 815-235-8210
Sidewalks Public Works 815-235-8210
Signs and Signals Public Works 815-235-8210
Snow Removal City Streets Public Works 815-235-8210
Special Event Permits; i.e. block parties, etc. City Clerk 815-235-8203
Stephenson County Sheriff Non-Emergency 815-235-8252
Storm Sewer Backups Water and Sewer Department 815-233-1686
Street Light Maintenance Public Works
Commonwealth Edison
Street Maintenance Public Works 815-235-8210
Subdivision Regulations Community & Economic Development 815-235-8221
Transfer Station M-F 7:30am -2pm, 1st Saturday 8am-11am 815-233-0742
Trash Collection Moring Disposal, Inc. or
Gill’s Freeport Disposal Inc.
Tree Trimming – City Owned Public Works 815-235-8210
Utility Taxes Finance Department 815-297-1300
Voter Registration/Voting Info Stephenson County Clerk 815-235-8289
Water Service Concerns Water and Sewer Department 8:00am – 5:00pm M-F 815-233-0111
Water/Sewer Trouble Calls Water and Sewer 233-0111
Sewer only – 815-233-1686
Sat/Sun & after 5:00 pm 815-233-0711
Zoning Community & Economic Development 815-235-8202
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