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5 New Council Members Sworn In

Pictured left to right: Judge Hauser, Larry Sanders, Rachel Simmons, Cecelia Stacy, Joy Sellers, and Thomas Klemm


During the May 15, 2023 City Council Meeting, five new council members were sworn in to serve on the Freeport City Council. Judge Hauser officiated the swearing-in ceremony of Alderpersons Joy Sellers, Thomas Klemm, Rachel Simmons, Cecelia Stacy, and Larry Sanders.

The five new alderpersons join an eight-person City Council. Joy Sellers was seated as Alderperson-at-Large, Thomas Klemm as Alderperson of Ward 1, Rachel Simmons as Alderperson of Ward 3, Cecelia Stacy as Alderperson of Ward 5, and Larry Sanders as Alderperson of Ward 7. Their four-year terms will expire in 2027.


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