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Boil Order, Dec. 13 – Lifted Dec. 14

UPDATE AS OF 1:30 P.M. Wednesday, 12/14: BOIL ORDER LIFTED

On the morning of Tuesday, December 13, 2022, an 8-inch water main developed a break at the 500 block of Pleasant Street. The water main shut off was isolated to the area of 500 and 400 blocks of Pleasant and the 600 block of Blackhawk. However, due to the water main break and demand on the system, the northwest side of the city has experienced low water pressure.

A precautionary boil order has been issued for the northwest area of Freeport. Areas affected by the boil order are Countryside to W. Galena, and areas northwest of the Park Boulevard & W. Galena intersection. Samples have been taken the morning of December 14th. Lab results are expected by 1:30PM. This page will be updated with the laboratory results. Until then, a boil order is still in effect.

For further information, please call the Water Department at 815-233-0711.


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