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Press Release: AEP is new electric supply provider

City Meeting in Freeport Illinois


At their April 5, 2021 meeting, the City Council approved a three-year electric supply agreement with AEP Energy. This agreement allows city residents and small businesses an opportunity to save money on their electric supply. Constellation has been the electrical supplier for the past three years.

City residents voted six years ago to create an Electrical Opt-Out Aggregation Program to help lower electric rates for eligible residents and small business customers. Residents and small businesses will automatically be included in the program, as they have been for the past six years, unless they decide to “Opt-Out.” Letters are being mailed to customers asking them to either stay in the program or opt-out. If you decide to opt-out, all you have to do is send the opt-out election form that is attached to the letter. If you decide to opt-out, the letter has to be returned to AEP Energy by June 29, 2021. If you have any questions you can call AEP Energy at 1-877-726-0214.

For further information:
Randy J. Bukas City Manager


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