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Flooding 2/27/23

City Of Freeport Flooding

FLOODING 2/27/23

Due to significant rainfall and snowmelt, the Pecatonica River is experiencing rising levels and is expected to reach 13 feet by 7 A.M. this Tuesday, February 28. The City of Freeport is closely watching flooding levels and monitoring road conditions.

Residents are advised to take adequate action to prepare for rising flood levels.

Emergency personnel are warning residents not to walk or drive through floodwaters. Floodwaters can be fast moving and have strong currents. Additionally, the Freeport Fire Department is requesting that citizens do not enter flooded basements, as electrical panels become a fatal hazard.

For timely updates, please follow the City of Freeport’s Facebook page, sign up for CodeRed emergency notifications on the City’s website, or the City of Freeport’s email subscription service that notifies residents directly.


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