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Police & Fire Departments Receive $5,000 Donations

Pictured L to R: Mayor Jodi Miller, Fire Chief Brad Liggett, Bryce Chrudimsky of Precision Infrastructure, and Police Chief Matt Summers


The Freeport Police Department and Fire Department received $5,000 donations each from Precision Infrastructure, LLC on October 14, 2021. Bryce Chrudimsky, project coordinator for Precision Infrastructure, presented the donations to Police Chief Matt Summers and Fire Chief Brad Liggett.

“It’s important to give thanks upfront to law enforcement and emergency services,” said Chrudimsky. Precision Infrastructure is building Nicor’s Dubuque natural gas pipeline, and over 100 workers are brought to Jo Daviess and Stephenson County during the project’s construction. Chrudimsky added, “We’re happy to give back to the communities that have been so welcoming to us.”

The Freeport Police Department plans to utilize the donation to purchase non-lethal force options like Tasers, BolaWrap, and PepperBall guns. The Freeport Fire Department will use their donation to purchase King Vision laryngoscopes, a video instrument that allows paramedics to get a clear view of a patient’s difficult airway

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