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05-06-2024 City Council Highlights

Police to have Expanded Sound Thinking Coverage; Council Approves Licensing Amendments for Theaters

FREEPORT, IL — Highlights from the May 6, 2024 Freeport City Council meeting include expanded coverage of crime response technology and licensing amendments for theaters to have the option of selling alcohol.

Expanded Sound Thinking Coverage Area

The Police Department will be receiving expanded coverage of Sound Thinking thanks to the City Council’s approval Monday night. Sound Thinking, formally known as ShotSpotter, detects and reports incidents of shots fired within the City of Freeport, allowing the Police to respond to and investigate shots fired more effectively and efficiently. The technology allows Police to receive notifications almost instantly of gunshots fired, along with recordings of said sound.

Police Chief Chris Shenberger said, “Freeport is working to be safer for all its residents. With this technology and the expansion of our own coverage, we’re able to speed up our response and increase efficacy by knowing the exact location.”

Amending Theater Ordinances for Sale of Alcohol

City Council approved to amend Chapters 608 and 806 in the City’s Codified Ordinances to allow for theaters to get proper licensing for alcohol sales. Freeport is home to certain theater companies that have business outside the city where they are able to utilize alcohol sales as means to keep business running. By amending the language of these license ordinances, it allows businesses to continue to call the Freeport community a worthwhile investment.

Other Business

In other business…Council approved a quote from William Charles Electric to upgrade the traffic signals, pedestrian system, and control panel for the intersection of Empire Street and Burchard Avenue. Among the work being done, the traffic lights will be changed from incandescent to LED. More information about these topics and more can be found in the City Council meeting packet, viewable here:


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