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Crews to Allow Pearl City Road Traffic for Mother’s Day

FREEPORT, IL — Helm group contractors have notified the City of Freeport that their crews are prepared to allow traffic to local cemeteries for the Mother’s Day holiday on Sunday, May 12, 2024.

Road construction is ongoing; however, City officials have worked with contractors to ensure residents and visitors alike may visit the cemetery both Saturday and Sunday.

Fehr Graham’s Darin Stykel said, “We know how many residents have loved ones on the grounds of the Oakland Cemetery, and we wanted to ensure road construction wouldn’t interfere with those visits.”

The construction on Pearl City Road started on April 15 with a 60 to 90-day window of completion. During this time, local traffic has been permitted to access the closed off section. Also during this time, traffic wishing to visit the cemetery has been asked to enter from the west end of the construction. For Mother’s Day weekend, traffic is permitted from both directions.


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