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Adams Avenue Reconstruction Ground Breaking


The City of Freeport, Fehr Graham, and Helm Group will host an Adams Avenue Ground Breaking event on Tuesday, July 25 at 9AM. The Ground Breaking will take place at Adams Avenue and Float Avenue.

The Ground Breaking event commemorates the $10 Million investment in reconstructing Adams Avenue, one of the largest locally-funded street reconstruction projects in the City’s history. The cost for Adams Avenue Reconstruction is larger than the City’s cumulative road program costs in the last five years.

Adams Avenue Reconstruction will include new water, sewer, storm water infrastructure, curb, and street surface on Adams Avenue from Float to Arcade. The total reconstruction is critical to the residents of Freeport’s 3rd and 5th wards, as well as travelers and businesses that use Adams Avenue as a main artery through the City of Freeport. Council Members may be in attendance where a quorum may be met.

For more information on Adams Avenue, please visit our project’s webpage and follow the City of Freeport’s Facebook page for timely construction updates.

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