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Rental Property Registration

Welcome and thank you for participating in the City of Freeport Rental Registration Program!

The City’s Rental Registration Program is a mandatory annual program in which property owners of rental properties must register their properties with the City of Freeport. The period to register rental properties at no charge is April 30 through June 1.

Any annual registration application not submitted by June 1 shall be subject to a late fee of $100.00 per unit.   The late fee shall not apply to new applications for registration pursuant to Section 876.04 which may be submitted after June 1.

If you have a multi-unit building you will be responsible for registering each unit, regardless of whether it is vacant or not.

LOCAL AGENTS and MANAGERS are NOT allowed to register properties. The owner is responsible for completing rental registration and verifying information.

Change of Registrant Information
The City of Freeport Community Development Department must be notified within 10 business days of any change to the information on this application. Any Notice of Violation will be mailed to the address on file with the Department, so it is important to keep this information up to date.

Renewal of Registration
Registrations must be renewed no later than June 1 of each calendar year. Registration (initial or renewal) can be denied unless the Landlord is current on the payment of all utility fees, taxes, assessments, fines, penalties, or other financial claims due to the City on the licensed property or any other rental dwelling in the City owned by the licensee. No fee is assessed if registration or renewal is filed prior to June 1. Failure to timely register or renew is subject to a $100.00 late filing fee.

No Trespass Agreements
Landlords may provide the Chief of Police with a “banned list” of persons not authorized to enter onto any property owned by the Landlord. The Chief of Police shall thereafter be authorized to serve said persons with notice to leave the property, and may serve a criminal complaint upon such persons if they fail to comply. Provided, no such notice may be served against any person with a valid lease for the premises, whether or not said lease is in default.

If you do not receive a direct communication from the City of Freeport regarding registering your rental property, it does not relieve you of your responsibility to register your rental property.

** Please note there is no fee for rental property registration if registration is complete by June 1. As of June 2, any unregistered rental properties will be subject to a $100 late fee per unit.  Failure to comply with the Rental Property Registration Ordinance Chapter 876 may result in additional fines and administrative adjudication**

You will be able to pay any late fees at City Hall with a (credit/debit cards additional fee), or mail a check or money order (no cash please) to: Community Development, 314 W Stephenson St, Freeport, IL 61032-4327.

Please register below.

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