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Freeport Awarded $959,752 to Construct Well #12

Read Below for Freeport’s Well #12 Clean Drinking Water Funding

“Northern Illinois is a special place, and it is my job to make sure my neighbors can live and grow a family in communities that are sustainable for future generations. One of the ways I can make sure that happens is by bringing tax dollars back home to support middle-class families,” said Sorensen. “By working across the aisle, I was able to secure over $2.8 million for Northern Illinois to fund our police, repair broken bridges to increase safety, and help ensure that when you turn on the faucet, you have access to clean drinking water. I am grateful to our local partners who helped advocate for these investments that will have a positive impact on the lives of so many of our neighbors.”

The projects Sorensen secured for Northern Illinois communities are:

Training Resources for Winnebago County Police

To keep Northern Illinois communities safe and connect officers with the communities they serve, Sorensen secured $847,000 for the Winnebago County Regional Police Training Center to purchase real-world training equipment. This investment will better equip officers with the resources they need to do their jobs and improve the relationship between the police and the communities they serve. Funding for this project was included in the FY2024 Commerce, Justice, and Science Appropriations bill that is now law.

“This funding will allow Winnebago County to operate a state-of-the-art police training facility that is unmatched in our region,” said Winnebago County Board Chairman Joseph Chiarelli. “Investing in the quality training of our law enforcement will not only strengthen retention, but attract new recruits. Providing this scenario-based education will result in properly trained officers who are well-equipped to serve and protect our community. I thank Congressman Sorensen for his support of this project.”

Bridge Replacement over Keith Creek in Rockford 

Due to outdated infrastructure, residents in a Rockford neighborhood lack adequate walking access to a nearby elementary school, posing a danger to students. In addition, school buses are unable to cross the bridge. Sorensen secured $1 million in the FY2024 Transportation, Housing and Urban Development Appropriations bill to replace the 8th Avenue Bridge over Keith Creek to reconnect the community to the school. The funding will also upgrade a 100+-year-old water main and relocate an environmentally problematic sanitary sewer structure, re-establishing reliable water service. The project will improve quality of life for residents.

“We appreciate the continued support of Congressman Sorensen and his advocacy on behalf of Rockford. This new funding will support our 8th Avenue Bridge Replacement project, which includes replacing a bridge, upgrading old water mains, removing toxic lead service lines and connecting children to their neighborhood school. This infrastructure project is critical to our community and our residents, and we are thankful to Congressman Sorensen for his support,” said Rockford Mayor Tom McNamara.

Find video here of Sorensen sharing news of the passage of this investment with Rockford Mayor Tom McNamara.

Clean Drinking Water Infrastructure for the City of Freeport 

$959,752 was secured by Sorensen in the FY2024 Interior Appropriations bill to replace wells in Freeport that were shut down due to contamination. This investment will help bring Freeport’s water supply back to original levels and ensure local families have access to clean drinking water.

“The City of Freeport is very grateful for Congressman Sorensen’s efforts in the FY24 appropriations for local communities in his district. The nearly $1M that Freeport will receive will definitely stretch our dollars in this $14M project for the New Well and Well House No.12 which will continue to provide safe and clean drinking water to all of our residents. The City of Freeport looks forward to continuing working closely with our congressman for more infrastructure projects,” said Freeport Mayor Jodi Miller.

Sorensen secured funding for these projects as part of the Community Project Funding process, which allows members of Congress to secure investments for critical initiatives in their communities. The three projects for Northern Illinois were included in House spending legislation signed into law by the President on Saturday.

Congressman Eric Sorensen serves on the House Committee on Agriculture and the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology. Prior to serving in Congress, Sorensen was a local meteorologist in Rockford and the Quad Cities for nearly 20 years. His district includes Illinois’ Quad Cities, Rockford, Peoria, and Bloomington-Normal.

Thomas Falcigno,

WASHINGTON, DC – Congressman Eric Sorensen (IL-17) secured over $2.8 million in tax dollars for three transformative local projects in Northern Illinois.


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