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Leaf Collection Map

Welcome to the City of Freeport’s Leaf Collection Map –
This map displays anticipated collection dates for each the City of Freeport’s Leaf Collection Zones.
Type an address in the search bar to zoom to a parcel.
On touch-screen devices, touch and drag to pan, pinch to zoom in or out.

11/21/22 Update:

The City of Freeport is continuing to pick up leaves, despite the season’s first snow last week. This year, the first frost came late, causing most of the City’s trees to lose their leaves within a two week period. This overwhelmed the City’s ability to collect them gradually as in years past. So far, public works has collected 347 loads of leaves and has completed 3 full rounds of leaf pick-up.

This week, leaf collection will be in full force Monday through Wednesday. Please view the City Leaf Pick Up Map below to check the status of your neighborhood. Please note that street crews will not be taking requests for spot pick-ups by address. Leaf pick-up routes work in a west-to-east direction through the city.

Thank you for your continued patience throughout this busy leaf season!

Leaf Collection Program Rules and Tips.

  • Leaves are collected in repeating cycles from west to east in the city until the first snowfall.  Specific requests for leaf pile pickups are not accepted as a part of the Leaf Collection Program.  If you missed a given cycle of leaf collection, please see the bullet points below to ensure your leaves are collected on the next cycle.
  • Leaves must be placed in a continuous row at the curb line.
  • Only leaves are accepted. Please do not place any grass clippings, yard waste, sticks, brush, or trash in the leaf pile. These items can clog the collection equipment. If such waste is placed curbside city crews will refuse collection.
  • Please do not park vehicles on or immediately next to a leaf pile.
  • Please do not cover storm sewer grate with leaves.

We would also like to remind residents that they can take woody waste to the Timber Industries location on Walnut across from the County Fairgrounds on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. This service is free to Freeport residents.

The fall leaf collection program is designed to prevent storm sewer backup and reduce accidents due to slippery pavements. Historically, the program was put in place to remove the leaves that had fallen from City trees along the parkways only. Past and current administrations have allowed residents of the City to place leaves from trees on private property at the curb for removal also. All leaves that remain on the street after the first plow-able snow fall are the responsibility of the resident.

If you are on a mobile device or would prefer to open the map in a new tab, click here, otherwise follow the instructions below.


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