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Motor Vehicles Reminded to Detour Around Construction Areas

With Summer road construction already underway, the City of Freeport kindly reminds its residents that Freeport Police officers will ticket motor vehicles driving through construction and road closure signs without proper permission.

The act of ignoring such signage can cause fatal accidents for both drivers and construction personnel.

Fehr Graham’s Darin Stykel said, “Aside from serving the city, the most important thing to us is being able to return to our families at the end of the day. And for drivers that ignore those road closure signs and traffic control devices, they’re putting their own safety at risk. Residents, city crews, and construction personnel all deserve to be able to return home in one piece at the end of the day and be protected within the construction zones. Thank you for your cooperation to make sure construction worker safety is a top priority by detouring and staying out of these areas.”

The Freeport Police Department is aware of the high volume of vehicles disregarding closures and will monitor these areas, enforcing proper action such as ticketing as needed.

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