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Water Cross Connection Survey


The Freeport Department of Public Works – Water & Sewer Division is committed to providing quality and safe drinking water to all of Freeport’s residential and commercial users. To help ensure that the drinking water remains safe, the City of Freeport adopted a Cross Connection Control Program.

The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) requires every water supply to develop and implement a cross connection (backflow prevention) control program. One requirement of this program is to send a survey to all residential water customers in the City of Freeport every two years. All residential water customers are requested to complete the survey. Please note that there are some required fields, but not all fields in the survey need to be filled in.



What is cross connection and backflow preventer?

Cross connections are potential connections between a potable (drinking) water supply and a non-potable source.  This connection would make it possible for a contaminant to enter the drinking water supply.  Cross connections should be protected by a device called a backflow preventer.  A backflow preventer is a device that allows the water to flow in one direction and prevent the piping or a device hooked to the water supply line from flowing back into it.  Backflow preventers are the property of the water customer and the responsibility lies with the customer for required annual testing and maintenance.  The water customer must contract with a licensed tester to perform the required annual tests and any necessary repairs.

Where do backflow mandates come from and who is going to enforce these mandates?

Section 18 of the Illinois Environmental Protection Act (P.A. 89-445, eff. 2-7-96; 90-773, eff. 8-14-98) and 35 Ill. Adm. Code 607.104 provides the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) direction from both the Illinois legislature and Illinois Pollution Control Board.  These statutes establish that no person can threaten a water supply and that local water supply officials are responsible for protecting their water mains from connections that have the potential to allow the backflow of contaminants into their respective distribution systems.  Further, 35 Ill. Adm. Code 602.115 gives the Illinois EPA authority to develop and modify “Agency” regulations regarding cross-connection control at community water supplies.

What happens if I do not fill out the survey?

All water customers are required to complete the survey.  There are no penalties or fines for not completing the survey, however, we encourage everyone to complete the survey to assist the City in compiling accurate records so we can comply with IEPA cross-connection regulations.  We ask and thank you for your cooperation with this program.

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