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Special Event Permit & Temporary Liquor License – Combined Application

Return to 314 W. Stephenson Street,Suite 200, Freeport IL 61032.
Any questions, please call 815-235-8203.

Special Events include block parties, assemblies (including parades, farmers markets, shows, street dances, parties, concerts, games, area-wide sidewalk sales, etc.) and parades (including marches, races, walk-a-thons, bike-a-thons, etc.)

Special Event Applications Submitted during Phase 4 of Restore Illinois
During the governor’s rollback to Phase 4 of Restore Illinois due to COVID-19, the City of Freeport is again accepting new applications for Special Events. Each application will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Current COVID-related factors in the City, County, and Region 1 will be considered in the decision to approve or deny the permit.

Special Event Applications with a Temporary Liquor License
If your Special Event requires a Temporary Liquor License, please submit applications two weeks or more prior to the next Liquor Commission meeting. Please also confirm with the Illinois Liquor Control Commission that they are accepting Special Event applications for temporary liquor sales.

Special Event Applications Submitted for Parades or Runs with State Highway Closures – Not being accepted at this time
If your Special Event involves a highway (and we need permission from IDOT), we will still require the additional 30 days (in addition to the above considerations) for IDOT processing.

The following COVID-19 Disclaimer will be added to the permit letter for Special Events until further notice:
COVID-19 DISCLAIMER:  Due to the evolving nature of restrictions on public and private gatherings attributable to the COVID-19 outbreak, the approvals granted hereby are expressly made subject to such restrictions as may be in place at the time of the planned event.  This approval shall in no event be deemed to grant the right to gather in a manner which is in violation of any subsequently imposed Federal, State, or Local rule to the contrary, and is subject to revocation at any time prior to the date of the event if the City believes that the event as planned may not be in compliance with then-current laws or regulations, whether now existing or hereafter adopted by any governmental body, including, but not limited to, the City of Freeport. Revocations of Special Event Permits in the City of Freeport will be determined by Chief of Police Summers per Section 1030.04 of the Codified Ordinances. By applying for and accepting a special event permit, event sponsors shall be deemed to have assumed the risk of cancellation of their event, and are encouraged to plan for all contingencies.  In the unfortunate circumstance that an event must be cancelled due to regulatory restrictions on gatherings, all application fees will be refunded to the applicant.


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