Mosquitoes – Low counts on 8/15/19

Mosquito counts for August 15, 2019 were as follows:

Hancock – 102

Krape Park – 121

Alamo – 143

Brick Ave – 91

300 is considered a nuisance level

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Residents are encouraged to contact Clarke’s Mosquito Hotline through the website and log on to You may sign up for notifications and receive direct email when spraying is to take place.   You may also reach them at 800-942-2555 to:

  •  Report any mosquito annoyances in your area
  •  Sign-up for an automated notification in advance of a spraying
  •  Report any standing or stagnant water, which are breeding grounds for mosquitoes

For further information regarding the Clarke Mosquito Control Program and what products are being utilized go to

The Freeport Mosquito Abatement District has a contractual mosquito control arrangement with Clarke, a global environment products and services company.



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